Where to buy affordable art for your home

Jessica Doyle, The Telegraph, Feb 19, 2021

Original art is booming in lockdown. And it doesn't have to cost a fortune (and neither do you have to be an expert).


If there's one thing that's sure to lift the spirits, and the ambience of a room, it's an artwork. Which perhaps explains why wall art has become one of the key interiors trends to emerge from lockdown.


Inexpensive prints are an accessible way to add a dash of colour to a room, but so too are original artworks, the kind that you won’t see all over Instagram in other people’s homes. And they don’t have to cost a fortune: original works can start from as little as £50 or so, a similar price to a print. Today’s lockdown inspired art collector is looking not necessarily for investment pieces, but for a special and unique artwork that is not only beautiful to look at, but comes with a story behind it that will add meaning and depth to the room where it hangs.


.... has seen a steady increase in demand over the last year as customers seek to upgrade their homes. ‘In particular supporting emerging artists at this time has struck a chord with collectors,’ she says. The same is true for Sim Takhar of east London gallery The Old Bank Vault. ‘We saw a huge uptick when we reopened after the first lockdown,’ she says. ‘There were people who had been at home for three months, looking at their walls, and needed some kind of daily inspiration through their interiors and artworks.’

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