Happy Birthday, The Old Bank Vault Gallery!

Kristina Reingoldt, On The Inside, Sep 15, 2019

A few weeks back we all gathered together at the Old Bank Vault Gallery to celebrate the first anniversary of the gallery alongside with the opening of the Summer Show!


It has been a busy year for the gallery filled with exhibitions, workshops and panel discussions at the end of which, each exhibiting artist contributed a piece of work for the Summer Show. This resulted in an amazing collection of 35 pieces of artwork, which varyfrom sculpture to original paintings and limited edition prints!


On the evening of the Summer Show opening, we arrived just after 6 o’clock to make sure we had a chance to see the art properly and chat to the founder and creative director of the gallery Sim Takhar before it got too busy! Upon arrival, we received a very warm welcome from Sim and managed to ask her a few questions about The Old Bank Vault. As I discovered this gallery only about a month ago my first question was, how did the idea of a gallery and a concept store come about?


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