AMY FLEURIOT-READE - 'The Travel Diaries'

10th September - 27th September 2020

About 'The Travel Diaries'

An avid traveller and diary keeper, Amy Fleuriot-Reade’s tripsthroughout India, Africa and beyond have provided her with continuousinspiration. They are a visual feast, fast paced and full of new sights,sounds and people. With the impossibility of truly capturing a placeeven with a camera, Amy studies the places she visits fully absorbingeverything from the textures and smells to the sounds of a place,journaling everything as she goes.

“It’s only when I stop moving and start drawing that I can really take everything in.” Says Amy.

Once back in her studio Amy builds her own imaginary compositions bycollaging all of her most memorable moments and the experience of beingin it using a combination of pen and watercolour.

This exhibition takes us on a tour from sketch book to final piece ofAmy’s most memorable trips from India to Mexico right back here toHackney Road. A reminder that we do not have to travel the world toexperience a feast for the eyes.

About Amy Fleuriot-Reade

Amy’s background as a maker has given her a real passion for process, “I’mnot happy putting pen to paper until I have spent time understandinghow things work and go together but I am also happy to learn on thejob,” she says, “picking up everything I can as I go along from the people around me.”

The nature of her work as Co-founder and Designer at ethical homewareand jewellery brand Artisans & Adventurers has lead her to traveldown many unbeaten tracks. Over the years, Amy has kept diaries of quicksketches and photographs alongside notes on colour palettes, detailsand unexpected events.
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