Working in both collage and print, Rob’s unique approach combines his mastery of papercutting with printmaking to result in an ever-growing collection of vibrant and captivating pieces.

Rob Ryan was born in 1962 in Akrotiri, Cyprus. He studied Fine Art at Trent
Polytechnic and at the Royal College of Art, London where he specialised in
Since 2002 he has been working principally within the paper cutting medium.
He has collaborated with institutions from the Victoria & Albert Museum, Fortnum &
Mason, UK Vogue and Paul Smith.
He has written and illustrated several books including ’This Is For You' and 'A Sky
Full Of Kindness' and also the Kingdom Trilogy.
Rob’s Monograph, the first book of his collected artwork, entitled ’I Thought About It
In My Head And I Felt It In My Heart But I Made It With My Hands’ was published
with Rizzoli in 2018.
He has regularly exhibited in the UK and overseas, most recently at the William
Morris Gallery in London.
He lives and works in London UK.