Emma George is the Australian-born, London-based artist behind Casual Chronicles.


Her paintings are inspired by her obsession with people watching and her curiosity to explore the world. Her works of people and places are defined by bold colours, minute details and a sense of quirkiness.


She captures people on the street who make you look twice, celebrating individuality in action. Her first solo public exhibition in 2019, The London Project, illustrated different people who make London unforgettable and was in honour of Smart Works Charity.


When the pandemic hit and travel came to a halt, she started painting a new collection Holidays From Home – to transport people on holidays while the world felt a bit wobbly. From iconic Parisian parks and Helsinki secret cinemas to tropical Galle reading spots and vibrant Puglia villas. The Holidays From Home collection is of dreamy places with a colourful and quirky twist. Originally captured by travel photographers, she has brought them to life once more for everyone to enjoy and explore at home.


The paintings are produced with gouache paint on recycled cotton rag paper. Each paper is uniquely sized with uneven edges.