Amy Fleuriot-Reade is happiest in a calm, sunny spot where she can spend a really long time looking at all the detail surrounding her. An avid traveller and diary keeper, her trips whether within the UK or further afield have provided the artist with continuous inspiration. “Photographs can never fully capture a place,” says Amy, “it’s only when I stop moving and start drawing that I can really take everything in, a monkey stealing a piece of fruit, the detail on a building half hidden by a tree branch or the intricate structure of an exotic flower.”


After leaving school Amy moved to London to study Millinery, drawn to hat making by the idea of creating wearable sculpture, she gained a broad understanding and love for different materials. The course led her on to London College of Fashion where she gained her Degree in Accessories Design.


Amy’s background as a maker has given her a real passion for process, “I’m not happy putting pen to paper until I have spent time understanding how things work and go together but I am also happy to learn on the job,” she says, “picking up everything I can as I go along from the people around me.” Amy would describe herself as someone who is not afraid to try out new things creatively. Whether it be designing jewellery, block printed textiles or woven baskets she applies her love of colour and pattern with deliberate enthusiasm.


The nature of her work as Co-founder and Designer at ethical homeware and jewellery brand Artisans & Adventurers has lead her to travel down many unbeaten tracks. These trips throughout Africa and India are a visual feast, fast paced and full of new sights, sounds and people. Over the years, Amy has kept diaries of quick sketches and photographs alongside notes on colour palettes, details and unexpected events.


As time went by and capturing moments whilst away for work or pleasure became more of a conscious part of travelling, the difficulty in choosing which pens to take led Amy to start experimenting with watercolour. The beauty of being able to mix any colour from a small portable palette completely opening up a whole new realm of possibilities. Once back at home Amy builds her own imaginary compositions by collaging all of her favourite memories of a place together using a combination of pen and watercolour in an attempt to capture the scene as she felt it.