“I was dragged up during the miserable, 3 day week, blackout that was the 1970’s. My art is a document of my journey through the punk revolution, new wave hope and rave hedonism that followed. Each piece of art represents a moment on that ride, a pop song, a woman, an argument, a drunken night out, a book, a friend, a fight. Each piece uses large scale, 3 dimensional sculpture and graphic symbolism to move mundane objects towards the beautiful so old Rizla packets and old cassettes become large graphic sculptures.”


James Talon formally studied fine art early in life but by his own admission then spent the next 25 years of his life pissing about in music. Now he has returned to art and brought with him his wide cultural pop knowledge. James’s work is neither painting nor sculpture but a refreshing mixture of both forms. In his work everyday objects like Rizla packets, razor blades, sweets and music cassettes are given new life by exaggerating their scale and applying wit and graphic motifs. He has exhibited in Miami, Chicago, London and Brighton. James cites many influences including music in all its forms and of course the master of pop art - Warhol.