Phoebe Boddy’s work is stimulated by food and flavour, whereby she uses the process of painting to explore the connections between the two creative fields of Food and Art.

After graduating from Loughborough University in 2017, Phoebe has been represented by the London based Art rental and sales company, ARTIQ. Boddy has been featured by the likes of FAD Magazine, Ideel Art, Sheer Luxe, Visionary Projects and The Other Art Fair. In 2021 she exhibited in a group show at Katherine Richards Art Gallery,  was selected as a nominee for the Kate Bryan Art Prize and was also the winner of the Mall Galleries Figurative Art Now open call and will exhibit there in 2022 alongside two other award winning artists. 


Boddy is also the co-founder of Palette, a unique dining experience which focuses on the sensory connections between Food & Art.