The Old Bank Vault is a contemporary art gallery that hosts exhibitions, private views, workshops and events, selling affordable art in a highly curated setting. Located at the crossroads of old and new Shoreditch, it celebrates and unifies the two worlds as well as the area’s creative heritage.

The gallery exhibits a wide range of handpicked artists including established names like Kristjana Williams and Rob Ryan to emerging talent including Richard Berner and Bokani Tshidzu. As well a range of medium from street art photography to acrylic to charcoal.

Along with public and private views, The Old Bank Vault hosts music nights where emerging musicians perform while guests enjoy the blend of music, art and local craft beer in a relaxed setting. Older local residents also enjoy creative mornings at the gallery in conjunction with the local charity East London Cares. Past community events have including meditation Mondays and poetry slams, with the gallery acting as a creative community hub, uniting new and old local residents.

As well as the physical gallery, The Old Bank Vault offers online exclusives that are free to access for all. These include an online exhibition of local street art, and an ongoing blog series Beyond The Vault, featuring artists including Heath Kane, Allan Watson, and Michelle Mildenhall  discuss the works hanging in their own private space, lending an insider, private view to the inner workings of an artist’s tastes.